Claudine Pardo Sister worked extensively as a magazine and children's book publisher.
She has also written several picture books and translated American albums.
Alongside her professional life, Claudine's painting activities have found inspiration in her art history studies and in her pleasure in passing through cities, exploring urban landscapes.
Dedicating herself entirely to painting for many years, Sister lives and works in Paris.

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Some exhibits
Collective exhibition
Espace Beaurepaire - Paris
december 2019

Dans les villes en passant
Moulin de Valmondois - september 2018

From east to west, north to south, strange are cities as passing by.
Paris en passant
Galerie Six Elzévir – Paris january 2018

Day and night, Paris passes by. As a dream.
Lens en passant
Agence Audace - Lens 2012/2013

At the time of Louvre/Lens museum opening,
some rythms and silences of a city in motion.
Venise en passant
et autres choses - DDB - Paris 2008

Con moto. Alongside the canals.
Echoes of inexorably fleeting time.
towers, riverbanks and other things
DDB - Paris 2005

Acceleration and slowdown of cities
and the fleeting daydreams of every days objects.
paths - Paris Toscane New York
Espace Tartour - Paris 2001

Lost streets, secret lanes, passageways, throbbing avenues that one may follow and wander from lightheartedly.

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